Everything is not always how it looks
just have a little faith

Making of ORPHAN BLACK’s 4 Clone Dance Party (x)

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Rob is a GOT fanboy

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@amellywood Out of nowhere @jarpad sent me a photo of him holding my daughter. Assuming my wife left me and he’s her new Dad.

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2.21 // 9.23

I used to stack George R.R. Martin’s books, and I used to hate him because they were so big. I had to carry them down in boxes, and I used to think, “Who is this (jerk) who’s written this massive book?” - Kit Harington, while working in a bookstore

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LOST » Catchphrases

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Nobody treats me like a princess in real life. Everyone calls me weird, especially my brothers. I’m just kind of abnormal. - Sophie Turner

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There’s a light in all of us

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“My mom’s a translator, my dad’s a woodworker; that’s the world I grew up in, that’s the world I’m most comfortable in. The whole idea of Hollywood or any of that other stuff that unfortunately goes along with film, that wasn’t part of my upbringing, thankfully.”